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The RJ Moeller Show: Adam Carolla

The second half of our two-part episode this week welcomes special (return) guest, Adam Carolla. Adam is the host of the most downloaded podcast in the history of humans, a wildly successful stand-up comedian, and a New York Times best-selling author (In Fifty Years We’ll All Be Chicks). Adam joined us to promote his upcoming winter comedy tour, “Adam Carolla Hates The Holidays” and we got a chance to chat with the funny man about Chicago-style deep dish pizza, the insane levels of taxation in Adam’s home state of California, and the Occupy L.A. protesters. ACHateHolidays_460x158_Left-400x137 You can meet all your Carolla-related needs at the newly revamped AdamCarolla.com, and follow Mr. Carolla on Twitter at @AdamCarolla and @AdamCarollaShow. For the rest of this episode of The R.J. Moeller Show, R.J. and the gang parse more of Chris Matthews’s recent interview on MSNBC and close things out by detailing Ben Shapiro’s BigHollywood.com list of “The Top Ten Most Over-rated Actors Of All-Time.” Stream us live below, or download the show on iTunes! ——————————–