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2013-2014 Values & Capitalism Mini-Grants

AEI is pleased to announce six awards to Christian college campuses that are undertaking new free enterprise-promotion initiatives on campus.  Over $17,000 has been awarded, and each local project is led by student-faculty teams, as described in more detail below:

Azusa Pacific University will conduct a one-year faculty-student reading seminar about free enterprise. Five professors and selected students will engage in a six-week seminar including 3 one-on-one discussions and 3 group discussions. Selected readings include The Poverty of Nations: A Sustainable Solution by Barry Asmus and Wayne Grudem; From Prophecy to Charity: How to Help the Poor by Larry Mead; and Home Economics: The Consequences of Changing Family Structure by Nick Schulz.

Bethel College is launching an introductory reading group to explore the virtues of a capitalist society, the crisis of America’s Social Security system, and new burdens created by national debt. Four student representatives and a professor will host a monthly book club for a larger student audience. The group will read and write one-page reflection papers for four selections from V&C’s book series:  Wealth and Justice, American Exceptionalism, Social Security, and The Real Tax Burden. Bethel will also host AEI scholar Christina Hoff Sommers, in a discussion of her book Freedom Feminism.

Colorado Christian University will undertake an innovative project called “The Greatest Good: Nil Sine Numine” to help students and local business leaders better understand how faith and free enterprise are essential to the flourishing of communities and individuals. Working in partnership with businesses, non-profits, ministries and other like-minded initiatives in the Denver area, the project will launch a blog to address with these topics, and host several events on campus, including a spring mini-conference.

George Fox University will begin an economic development discussion group to discuss how best to help the world’s most impoverished communities. Admission to the group will be competitive, limited to 10 students who will participate in six intensive sessions during the spring 2014 semester. During the meetings, students will watch segments of Acton’s “Poverty Cure” series, hear from guest speakers in the relief and development field, and host a discussion with campus professors.

Houghton College will institute a bi-weekly “Two Views” page in its student newspaper, to offer differing perspectives on foundational questions regarding faith and free enterprise. Topics include: “Is economic growth good for everyone?” and “Is free-market capitalism just?” Houghton students plan to continue the concept in future years, and hope to solicit input from students on other campuses.

Oral Roberts University will host a one-day forum for students and professors that includes the perspectives of real world policymakers who have had to wrestle with issues including entrepreneurship and economic freedom.