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A Christian Budget?

I was recently asked by the good people at Relevant to contribute to dueling op-eds on  budget reform. The counter-point came from Ambassador Tony Hall. If I had known he had been three times nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize, I probably would’ve balked at offering my measly opinion. Whether or not it’s good that I didn’t find out until after the articles were posted is up to you to decide.

Find my article here. Hall’s is here.

I already find myself wishing I had not decided to cut a reference to the welfare reform movement in the 1990s. Hall mentions it as a previous instance of policy negatively impacting the poorest Americans. He fails to mention that the reform is widely accepted among the most effective, humanitarian, and prudent pieces of legislation of the 20th century.

You may notice that I chose not to include references to scripture in my article. That was deliberate. I’m not sure there is a “Christian” budget reform proposal on the table or an “un-Christian” one. I am sure God expects us to be both smart and civil in sorting this stuff out.