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Capitalism in the Trenches

Capitalism has no shortage of enemies. Recent attacks have fallen on the equality, freedom and quality of life that free markets offer, so some of our authors decided to respond. Their observations reveal a capitalism that may have more to offer than you have been led to believe. The Best Broken System by Chris Horst
Collectively, we have two options: We can vilify capitalism till the end of days, or, we can be citizens of redemption—salt and light—bringing healing to the brokenness which exists in our current broken system while also being honest about its incredible successes.
Quality of Life in an Economic Downturn by RJ Moeller
We’ve been told for two consecutive generations that free health care, redistribution of wealth and progressive tax policies were just the things that could cure mankind’s societal (and even spiritual) ills. But every time that utopian dream is exposed as a nightmare by the unforgiving light of human history, the response is to condemn capitalism and free enterprise and (gasp!) deregulation.
Stranded Along the Road to Freedom by Alexis Hamilton
For the moral argument for free enterprise to be made and heard, Americans must abandon our sense of indifference. We must care about what happens—not just to us and our benefits—but to the liberty of those around us, and most importantly, to those who come after us.
Anti-Capitalism Drives Chicago Teacher Strike by Joy Pullmann
In short, capitalism has made teachers comfortable while government-monopolized education has destroyed many children’s futures. If teachers are so obviously and openly hostile to and ignorant of this historic, central fact, what might they be teaching children about capitalism in the classrooms?

The Bible and Economics: Will There Be Inequality in Heaven? by RJ Moeller

It used to be said that the goal of a fair and just society ought to be “equality of opportunity,” but somewhere along the way we supplanted that noble goal for a twisted, utterly arbitrary one. “Equality of outcome” is the new rallying cry for millions of Americans engaged in social, political and economic activity.