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Friday Five: What Rocky Can Teach Entrepreneurs

On Fridays we bring you the week’s best from around the web. In this week’s round-up, Rocky gives inspiration to entrepreneurs, college students seek true happiness, and more.

1. “Happiness at Yale by Margarita Mooney, Public Discourse

Perhaps students flock to classes on happiness because Aristotle was right: happiness is a universal end that all seek because it is good in and of itself. As educators, it is our job to ground this desire for happiness in acts of virtue and the pursuit of the common good.

2. “What Is the Vocation of a Student? by Andrew Spencer, Institute for Faith, Work & Economics

Just like any vocation, being a student is a process of balancing multiple priorities and seeking to improve the time as much as we are able. As we seek to glorify God in every vocation of our lives, students need to understand their calling in light of the bigger picture of God’s plan in creation.

3. “What ‘Rocky’ Teaches Entrepreneurs by Jay Goltz, The New York Times

When I have a difficult time in business, I am often reminded of a scene in the second movie when Rocky is sitting in his corner after being knocked down during a brutal round. He looks up at his trainer, Mickey, played by Burgess Meredith, and says, “I ain’t going down no more.” Mickey replies, “Dat”ll work. Go get ‘em!”

4. “Speaker of the House John Boehner on Resetting America’s Economic Foundation: On Thursday at AEI, the Speaker shared five ways to revitalize America’s economy.

5. “Common Good #6 – Chris Brooks and Mark Dever: In a new podcast, Pastors Chris Brooks and Mark Dever discuss the church’s role in seeking the prosperity of the city.