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Friday Five: The Millennial Vote; Jesus at Work; and Entrepreneurs in America

On Fridays, we bring you the best of our blog and the best of the web. This week’s roundup includes the latest in the morality of capitalism series; video from an AEI event on millennials in the 2012 election; a post on the importance of work for Christians; and more! 1. Capitalism Or What? In part seven of the “Morality of Capitalism” series, Isaac Morehouse writes about the importance of analyzing alternatives when considering social or economic systems.
When we feel frustrated with the morality of the free market, we should always ask what a better alternative might be. When you get down to it, there are few options. As explained in an earlier post, all government intervention is backed by the threat of violence. This is important to keep in mind when considering alternatives to capitalism.
2. The young and the restless: Millennials in the 2012 election: Although young voter turnout will likely be lower in the 2012 election than in 2008, it remains evident that the millennial generation will still largely support Barack Obama. At an AEI event on Wednesday, polling, demographic and voter outreach experts discussed their predictions for the millennial generation’s role in the upcoming election. 3. Jesus at Work: Why ‘secular’ jobs aren’t for second-class Christians: In Biola Magazine, Klauss Isller writes on Christ’s years working in trade and the implications for Christians.
Each day we can cooperate with God, fulfilling our design and destiny at work. Work is a permanent feature of God’s plan, not the result of the Fall into sin. Work was initiated in the Garden of Eden (Gen. 1:28, 2:15) and it will continue into the next age, as we serve and reign with God forever (Rev. 22:3, 5).
Regardless of our occupations as plumber, trash collector, teacher, mechanic or pastor, we cooperate with God in doing good work, as Jesus exemplified. One motivation to work is to make money to provide for material needs and share with others (Eph. 4:28; 2 Thess. 3:6–13). But there is much more…
4. The RJ Moeller Show: Troy Senik: This week RJ talks with Troy Senik of Ricochet and City Journal. Caroline May of the Daily Caller also joins for her “News You Probably Missed, But Shouldn’t Have” series. Give it a listen! 5. Taking On Challenges: How entrepreneurship drives America: This new video from the Economic Freedom project shows how entrepreneurs are “the backbone of a healthy and vibrant economy.”