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'Perfecting the Constitution: The Case for the Article V Amendment Process'

Darren Guerra, a member of Values & Capitalism’s faculty network and associate professor of political science at Biola University has just published a book titled “Perfecting the Constitution: The Case for the Article V Amendment Process”:
Perfecting the Constitution “He who can change the Constitution controls the Constitution. So who does control the Constitution? The answer has always been: ‘the people’. The people control the Constitution via the Article V amending process outlined in the Constitution. Article V has always provided a means of perfecting the Constitution in an explicit, democratically authentic, prudent, and deliberative manner. In recent years Article V has come under attack by influential legal scholars who criticize it for being too difficult, undemocratic, and too formal. Such scholars advocate for ignoring Article V in favor of elite adaptation of the Constitution or popular amendment through national referendums. This book shows that, to the contrary, Article V is a unique and powerful extension of the American tradition of written constitutionalism. And a positive case is made that Article V remains the most clear and powerful way to register the sovereign desires of the American public with regard to alterations of their fundamental law. In the end, Article V is an essential bulwark to maintaining a written Constitution that secures the rights of the people against both elites and their own unreflective voice.”