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Peter Greer at Bryan College

On January 21, 2015, Peter Greer—president and CEO of HOPE International and coauthor of the V&C book “Entrepreneurship for Human Flourishing“—visited Bryan College in Dayton, TN.

The highlight of the visit was a chapel talk that Greer gave to 450 students on the topic his V&C book. If we truly want to help the poor, Greer argued, our best hope for lasting change is entrepreneurial business, which channels the talents and abilities of the poor to create sustainable prosperity. Inherent in this vision is the idea that business is not a “second-rate” calling for a Christian. If done for the common good, there is great worth in pursuing a career in business. You can listen to his talk here.

Peter Greer Bryan luncheon

Shortly after chapel, Greer met with 20 students and 5 faculty members for lunch and a Q&A session. Students were able to ask specific questions pertaining to their majors and future career plans, as well as in-depth questions about Greer’s lecture.

To conclude the gathering, Bryan’s AEI Executive Council Chair, Jonathan Creasy, shared about opportunities for students offered by Values & Capitalism, and garnered interest in continuing similar conversations on campus in the coming semester and years.