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Podcast: The Morality of Capitalism

Be sure to catch this podcast recorded by Caleb Brown of the Cato Institute. More information about the Morality of Capitalism project is available at the Students for Liberty website. From the Cato Institute:

Capitalism deserves a moral defense, but even those who appreciate the moral superiority of capitalism sometimes find themselves ill-equipped to offer a clear response to critics.

A new book from the Atlas Economic Research FoundationStudents for Liberty and the John Templeton Foundation aims to provide just that intellectual ammunition. The Morality of Capitalism, edited by Cato Senior Fellow Tom G. Palmer, gathers a diverse group of scholars, writers and business leaders from across the globe to extoll the virtues of capitalism.

I recorded a quick podcast (Subscribe!) with Tom about the book and its authors.

Student groups can get bulk copies shipped to them from Students for Liberty.