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Spending Cuts and Charity

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of appearing as a guest on the To the Point radio program on Southern California’s NPR affiliate KCRW. The interview starts at about 19:35. Listen here.

From the KCRW website:

Public Spending Cuts, Private Charities and the ‘Truly Needy’

As Washington looks for cuts in government programs, support for nonprofits is also on the line, and donations to philanthropies have not been growing. President Obama is targeting tax breaks for what George H.W. Bush called “a thousand points of light” that help make up for cuts in safety-net spending. At the same time, Christians on the Left and the Right argue about the duty to help the poor and the danger of creating dependence on others. What’s in store for the aged, blind and disabled? What about the unemployed and those who can’t afford medical insurance? Guests: