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The Joy of Capitalism: An Evening with Michael Novak

Post-Event Summary: Amid growing debates about the morality of free enterprise, Michael Novak of Ave Maria University spoke at AEI on Thursday evening to promote the virtues of democratic capitalism. Novak revealed how capitalism has served to alleviate poverty, promote economic growth and enable the conditions for a flourishing society. He also warned of the dangers of increasing trends toward statism and overregulation, which discourage small business creation. Two young entrepreneurs then offered a window into their own experiences with free enterprise. Katrina Price of Katarina Price Photography offered an encouraging story about discovering her passion for photography  after losing her job in a restructuring following the crash of 2008. In the same vein, John Sweet of Niedlov’s Breadworks explained how his love of bread-making led him to start a Chattanooga, Tennessee-based artisan bakery in 2002, which is currently thriving. Price and Sweet’s stories illustrate the power of Novak’s observation that creativity, building a sense of community and practical wisdom are essential to making any free enterprise succeed. — Luke Holladay Event Description: Thirty years ago, America was gripped by a severe, ongoing recession. Much of Europe faced persistently high unemployment and Syria’s ruler unleashed a bloody crackdown on its own people. This troubled atmosphere, which has significant echoes in today’s society, set the stage for Michael Novak’s 1982 treatise, “The Spirit of Democratic Capitalism.” His fundamental insight — that man’s economic, cultural and political identities are indivisible — continues to inspire business leaders and entrepreneurs today to view their work as a personal calling with the power to transform and serve. At this AEI event, Novak will reflect upon the moral roots of free enterprise in the context of the current political-economic landscape, and two young entrepreneurs will respond to his lecture. RSVP
Agenda 5:15 PM Registration 5:30 PM Introduction: Josh Good, AEI Address: Michael Novak, Ave Maria University 6:15 PM Panelists: Katarina Price, Katarina Price Photography John Sweet, Niedlov’s Breadworks LLC 6:45 PM Wine and Cheese Reception
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