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The RJ Moeller Show: Adam Freedman

The newest episode of “The RJ Moeller Show” opens with a visit from our favorite reporter, Caroline May of The Daily Caller. Ms. May joins us for her regular “News You May Have Missed, But Shouldn’t Have” segment in which she shares tales of legal battles over the ballots of military men and women, the shifting demographics of female voters, and the controversial decision by the state of Florida to base education standards on the color of a student’s skin. Don’t forget to follow Caroline on Twitter @c_maydc. The Naked ConstitutionNext up is an interview with lawyer/author Adam J. Freedman, whose new book “The Naked Constitution” is a highly accessible look at what the founders intended and why the document they constructed still matters today. We chat with Mr. Freedman about the concept of a “living, breathing document,” who his favorite Founding Father is, and what can be done to re-establish the importance of the Constitution in the culture at-large. Follow Adam on Twitter at @AdamJFreedman and find his frequent pieces of commentary over at Ricochet.com. Stream the episode below, find us at Stitcher.com, or subscribe for free on your iTunes.