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The RJ Moeller Show: Anne Bradley

Our featured guest on this week’s episode of “The RJ Moeller Show” is Dr. Anne Bradley, the vice president of economic initiatives at The Institute for Faith, Work & Economics in McLean, Va. Anne Bradley Anne develops and commissions research toward a systematic biblical theology of economic freedom. She is a visiting professor at Georgetown University and has previously taught at George Mason University (where she also received her PhD) and at Charles University in Prague. Anne’s academic work focuses on the political economy of terrorism, with specific emphasis on the industrial organization of al-Qaeda. Her academic research has been published in scholarly journals and edited volumes. She is currently working on a book that analyzes the political economy of al-Qaeda post 9/11. Based on her academic research she also worked as an economic analyst for the Central Intelligence Agency’s Office of Terrorism Analysis. You’re going to enjoy this interview, and we’re thrilled to have someone of Anne’s academic caliber on the program. Follow Anne on Twitter at @anne_r_bradley. Also joining RJ this week are two old friends of the show—Andrew Walker and Joseph Sunde—to give their reviews of the recent Values Voter Summit and talk about the issues relating to the intersection of faith and econoimcs that were discussed at the conference. Andrew is a policy analyst for The Family Foundation of Kentucky in Louisville, Ky., while Joseph and his family live near The Twin Cities where he is the creator/editor of RemnantCulture.com. Follow our friends Andrew and Joseph on Twitter. Stream the episode below, find us on Stitcher.com, or subscribe for free to The RJ Moeller Show on your iTunes.