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The RJ Moeller Show: George Savage, Andrew Walker and Eric Teetsel

Something we are very passionate about here at Values & Capitalism and “The RJ Moeller Show” is the highlighting of those people who dedicate their lives to the pursuit of entrepreneurial activities. Job-creators. Technology innovators. That’s why we wanted to talk to Dr. George Savage! George Walker George Savage is a physician, biomedical engineer and co-founder of several technology-based medical companies in Silicon Valley. His latest project is Proteus Biomedical, where he currently serves as Chief Medical Officer. George is also a co-founder of one of our favorite websites for on-line political conversation: Ricochet.com. We wanted you to hear some of Dr. Savage’s story and his contagious passion for free enterprise. RJ chatted with the good doctor about everything from the political ideologies one has to deal with at medical school, to what limitations are put on entrepreneurs in a state like California. You’re going to enjoy this interview and we encourage you to follow George on Twitter at @george_savage. In the second half of this week’s show, RJ welcomes Andrew Walker of the Family Foundation and Eric Teetsel, now of The Manhattan Declaration. The topic? President Obama’s evolution on same-sex marriage, and the political, cultural and moral fall-out from his announcement last week. We promise you this: It is one of the most interesting, thoughtful discussions on the subject that you are going to hear! Follow Andrew on Twitter at @walker_andrew and Eric at @ericteetsel! Stream the show on the application below, or download and subscribe to “The RJ Moeller Show” for free on iTunes!