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The RJ Moeller Show: Henry Olsen and Seth Cassel

In this episode of The RJ Moeller Show, R.J. flies solo and chats with two very different, very interesting people. The first is AEI’s vice president and director of the National Research Initiative, Henry Olsen. A lawyer by training, Henry’s role at AEI includes identifying leading academics and public intellectuals who work in an aspect of domestic public policy and recruiting them to visit or write for the D.C.-based think-tank. Mr. Olsen studies and writes about the policy and political implications of long-term trends in social, economic and political thought. Henry Olsen Recorded live in during R.J.’s recent trip to Washington D.C., R.J. and Henry talk about the impact of Ronald Reagan’s moral case against communism, the upcoming GOP primaries and the subtle brilliance of the game of baseball. In the second half of the episode, R.J. welcomes a unique, young entrepreneur named Seth Cassel for the show’s new “Better Know An Entrepreneur” segment.  Ready for an impressive bio? Here goes. Seth is VP of business development and a partner in EveryMundo LLC, the Miami, Florida-based bilingual search engine marketing firm. He is also the founder and president of 1L Music, a music management and artist development company representing numerous clients including singer/songwriter Andrew Belle. Previously, Seth was co-founder and managing partner of Cassel Plasencia Inc., an entrepreneurial consulting, business development and advisory firm. Before launching his own businesses, Seth worked as a talent identification, development and marketing executive at Sony Music Entertainment in New York City. He is a graduate of Harvard Business School MBA Class of 2006. Before Harvard, Seth was an investment banker for Citigroup in London. Seth Cassel Think that’s all? Well, you’re wrong. Mr. Cassel is also a water polo player, including a stint with a UK National League club team from 2002 to 2004. He and his wife reside in Miami, Florida. We’re launching this “Better Know An Entrepreneur” segment to highlight some of the best and brightest job-creators, idea-innovators around the nation. Seth certainly fits that bill, and we know you’ll enjoy hearing his story. As always, you can stream us live below, or download The R.J. Moeller Show on your iTunes!