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The RJ Moeller Show: James Lileks and Caroline May

We’ve been hoping to have journalist/author/podcaster James Lileks on for months now, and now—thanks to the power of Twitter and elbow grease—that day has finally arrived! James Lileks James has been a columnist for his beloved Minneapolis Star-Tribune since 1997 and the prestigious National Review magazine since 2007. He is the author of eight books, including “The Gallery of Regrettable Food.” James is also the co-host of Ricochet.com’s weekly podcast and is known for his lively banter and quick wit. We wanted to have Mr. Lileks on to share his unique story regarding how he became a prolific writer and talented journalist. Plus, we’ve been dying to know what his favorite Minnesota State Fair foods might be. You can follow James on Twitter at @Lileks. Back this week—by popular demand—is our friend Caroline May of The Daily Caller for her now-regular “Stories You Probably Missed, But Shouldn’t Have” segment. This time out Ms. May fills us in on Michelle Obama’s “Capri Sun” controversy, Lee Greenwood’s quick exit from the program of an elementary school’s “Spring Sing,” and the pervasive, careless waste taking place in a very unexpected way in the US Senate. Don’t forget to follow Caroline on Twitter at @C_maydc! As always, you can stream this episode below or find us (for free) on iTunes!