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The RJ Moeller Show: Joe Carter and Joy Pullmann

Joe Carter First up this week on “The RJ Moeller Show,” Joe Carter pays us a visit to talk about his career path from the military into life as a full-time writer/editor. Joe is a resident of Washington D.C., and he wears a number of different hats: senior editor at the Acton Institute, editor at The Gospel Coaltion and online editor for First Things magazine. Make sure to follow Joe on Twitter at @JoeCarter. In the second segment, R.J. welcomes to the show fellow V&C blogger, Joy Pullmann. Joy is a research fellow of The Heartland Institute and managing editor of School Reform News, a national monthly publication. In that capacity, she has interviewed and produced podcasts with many of the leading figures in school reform. She was previously the assistant editor for the American at the American Enterprise Institute. Joy Pullmann Pullmann has been published by the New York Times, Washington Examiner, Salt Lake Tribune, The Weekly Standard, Washington Examiner, The Gazette (Iowa) and various other newspapers and outlets across the country. She is the author of a series of Research & Commentary reports on the Parent Trigger, a new school reform idea sweeping the country, and coauthor with Joseph L. Bast of “Design Guidelines for Parent Triggers” (Heartland Institute, 2012). She graduated from the Hillsdale College honors program with an English major and journalism concentration. We have great guests and a great episode, and you can listen by streaming the show live on the application below, heading over to Stitcher.com, or subscribing to “The RJ Moeller Show” for free on iTunes.