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The RJ Moeller Show: Phil Levy and Seth Cassel

The start of this newest episode finds Mr. Moeller finishing out his conversation with entrepreneur Seth Cassel. (For the first half of this interview, check out our last episode here.) Seth is the manager for musicians like Andrew Belle, and he runs a slew of other companies from his home in Miami, Fla. He’s one of the most interesting and hard working guys you’ll ever meet, and we know you’ll enjoy the conclusion of RJ’s chat with Seth. Following the break, RJ welcomes AEI’s own Phil Levy. Phil Levy Dr. Levy is an economist by training, received his doctorate from Stanford University, taught at Yale University, and served in high-level positions during the presidency of George W. Bush. Currently a resident scholar at the American Enterprise Institute, Dr. Levy is the author of the recent book, “Swap: How Trade Works,” a brief, practical volume covers the principles of specialization, comparative advantage, deficits, supply chains, labor and environmental standards, trade with the developing world, and much, much more. During the course of the interview, Dr. Levy answered questions on everything from trade deficits with China to Michigan Wolverine football. If you like what you hear, you can follow Phil Levy on Twitter here. Don’t forget that you can not only stream this episode by clicking the “Play” button on the application below, we’re also on iTunes!