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Top 5 Posts of 2014

Thanks for following the blog throughout the past year. To end it, we’ve rounded up the top posts of 2014. Best wishes for the new year!

Values & Socialismby Michael Hendrix

The longer people live under socialism, the more their value system erodes. So concludes a recent study of 259 Germans randomly picked to play a simple dice game.

A Theology of Student Debt by David Wilezol

Consider making sacrifices during your educational years like going to a cheaper school, forgoing graduate school, living at home to save money, and working more to pay tuition upfront, rather than borrowing. Making those kinds of choices are a declaration that Jesus is of greater value than an expensive degree. We must remember that our hope is in our Shepherd, not our sheepskin.

4 Reasons Capitalism Isn’t Defined By Greedby Tyler O’Neil

Many think capitalism relies on greed. Ayn Rand wrote about the virtue of selfishness, and Adam Smith insisted that self-interest, not charity, enables the market to work. However, neither Rand nor Smith would say Ebenezer Scrooge is a role model. Why is that?

Taylor Swift Is on the Wrong Side of History by Wesley Gant

Spotify isn’t for the well-established artists; it’s for up-and-coming talent that is begging for exposure, hoping that if just a small piece of the massive Spotify audience catches onto their music they can fill larger venues, sell more merchandise, and build a large enough following to land bigger deals.

How a Box of Cereal Changed an Industry by Michael Hendrix

What the story of AirBnB shows is that there are moments of serendipity occurring all the time. Most of us just happen to stumble into it and call it luck. But others, through skill and hard work, are better at identifying that luck and turning it into opportunity.