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Values & Capitalism on Campus: Gordon College

When Gordon College last hosted Values & Capitalism visitors, a public debate between Arthur Brooks and Jim Wallis drew sharp contrasts in differing visions about the role of capitalism in society, and its ability to help the poor.

On March 27-28, 2014, our program manager returned to campus to:

  • offer guest remarks in Prof. Stephen Smith’s senior seminar in Economics;
  • give a lecture on the economic consequences of changing family structure;
  • meet with President Michael Lindsay;
  • have dinner with seven professors of Economics, History, and Political Science; and
  • meet for breakfast with campus leaders (organized by Prof. Kristen Cooper).

Approximately 90 students and faculty members attended Josh’s lecture in Jenks Library, which focused on highlights from our “Home Economics” mini-book.

The next morning over breakfast in “The Lion’s Den,” student leaders raised questions about domestic vs. global poverty; women’s rights; biblical views of race, power, and gender; and differing ways that statism (and often cronyism), as opposed to free enterprise, affects society’s most vulnerable populations.

Gordon plans to send a full delegation to this year’s V&C free enterprise conference, in Washington, DC on June 12-14, 2014.