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Values & Capitalism on Campus: Regent University

On February 4, 2013, Values & Capitalism program manager Josh Good visited Regent University for a lecture entitled, “America’s Entitlement Epidemic and the Moral Case for Free Enterprise.” Josh also met with the college dean’s office, joined a Principles of Finance class for a guest interview, and led a workshop on DC jobs and internship opportunities. Regent University Approximately 145 students, faculty and administrators attended the morning lecture, which opened with remarks by college dean and an introduction from Regent professorRegent University 2 Bill Reddinger (both of whom serve on V&C’s faculty network). The lecture focused on the moral and financial costs of current U.S. entitlement programs, and generational choices Millennials will face. Afterwards students raised lively questions about the moral underpinnings of capitalism, social policy priorities and national debt. You can read Regent’s own coverage of the lecture here, in an online summary published by the College of Arts and Sciences. Josh also met with dean Gerson Moreno-Riano, who serves not only the undergraduate campus but also helps oversee Regent’s online program, which recently received a Top 20 ranking from US News & World Report and was ranked the nation’s top online Christian university in 2011 by OEDb Online Rankings. Regent University 3After meetings with several faculty members and a classroom guest interview, the project concluded the day with a “Navigating DC Jobs and Internships” workshop for students from Regent’s business, economics and leadership studies departments. Hope to see you on campus soon!      
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