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VIDEO: Public Policy Close-Up, Perspectives from Capitol Hill

Over the next several weeks we will be posting videos from our June 12-14, 2014 Summer Conference. We hosted a group of 91 students and 34 professors from Christian colleges across the country for three days of discussion about poverty, economics, vocation, immigration, education, and more.

We start with a great panel moderated by AEI’s John Cusey, featuring three Hill staffers: Elyse Bauer Anderson of Representative Frank Wolf’s Office (R-VA), Katherine Haley of Speaker John Boehner’s Office (R-OH), and John Hart of Senator Tom Coburn’s Office (R-OK). They shared deep insights about balancing work with the rest of life, how God called them to careers in public service, how their faith impacts their day to day work, and whether God cares about the outcome of public policy.