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Can American Politics Survive Pluralism?

A traditional motto of the United States is E pluribus unum: “out of many, one.” In recent decades, though, American unity has been increasingly challenged by the fact that citizens hold radically different worldviews. We disagree about both what policies we should pursue and how to live together in peace. Frustration with this pluralism has led many on the political Left and Right to express hatred and intolerance. But what if pluralism could be better understood, or even accepted? What if it could be transformed from a political weakness into a political strength? And what might this look like in terms of political institutions and practices? Renowned authors Yuval Levin and John Inazu joined David Corey on October 19th to explore how we can live together across our deep differences. AEI’s Initiative on Faith and Public Life was pleased to co-sponsor this event with Baylor in Washington and the Institute for Human Ecology.