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To Whom Is Given: Business for the Common Good

“To Whom Is Given: Business for the Common Good” is a 30-minute documentary that tells the stories of three businesses and their Christian owners who are authentically living out their faiths through “ordinary” work. The film wrestles with key questions about faith, calling, and the role of business in society: What does it mean to find your “calling”? Do Christians working in business have equally high callings to those working in ministry? How does real, sustained cultural change happen? (Hint: The film argues that entrepreneurs and businesses play a critical role.) In what ways should a business that is run by a Christian be noticeably distinct?

Expounding on each of these questions, the film is also interspersed with a roundtable discussion featuring: Katherine Leary Alsdorf (Redeemer’s Center for Faith & Work); Dave Blanchard (Praxis); Christopher Brooks (Moody Theological Seminary, Evangel Ministries); and Gregory Thornbury (The King’s College).