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Wesley Gant

Wes GantWesley Gant is an art director and brand strategist for Houston Baptist University, where he graduated in 2011 with honors in government. Having witnessed poverty at a young age, Wesley developed a passion for understanding how individuals and communities become both peaceful and prosperous. To this end, he has a strong interest in the role of faith, family and free enterprise in society, and seeks to influence culture and policy through effective communication of these principles. He has been published in the Acton Institute’s “Religion & Liberty” and HBU’s “The City,” and is currently writing a Masters thesis in political theory at the University of Houston. Wesley enjoys Fender guitars, Jeep Wranglers, Apple computers, 18th-century books, Belgium tripels and his wife’s exceptional culinary skills. Follow him on Twitter at @wesgant. Read his personal blog: www.wesleygant.com.