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Friday Five: A Biblical Answer to Poverty

On Friday’s we bring you the week’s best from around the web. This week’s round-up includes a new book that describes a biblical answer to poverty, a video series that takes a look at the big questions, and more.

1. IFWE Launches a New Book on Poverty: Join us at AEI next Tuesday, April 29th to help launch “For the Least of These: A Biblical Answer to Poverty,” an excellent new book from the Institute for Faith, Work & Economics. As Wayne Grudem writes:

This valuable volume provides solutions to poverty that really work…it contains a wide range of practical and biblical insights from the accumulated wisdom of experts who have spent a large portion of their lives developing expertise in how economies actually function in the real world.

RSVP for the event here.

2. Letters to the Exiles: A New Approach to Christian Cultural Engagement: Joseph Sunde introduces a new video series from the Acton Institute that explores the big questions, including: What is our salvation actually for? Watch the trailer:

3. Why 20-Somethings (and All of Us) Need to Watch ‘Groundhog Day’: Charles Murray says that we should watch “Groundhog Day” rather than study Aristotle’s “Nichomachean Ethics.” Is he crazy?

I think something closer to Aristotle’s view of human happiness is at work, as Phil sets out to put meaning in his life even though he has just one day to work with—becoming an accomplished pianist and ice sculptor, among other things, burrowing deep into the lives of the people of Punxatawney, and acquiring the Aristotelian virtues.

4. Common Good Podcast with Robert Doar: In this edition of Common Good, AEI poverty fellow Robert Doar shares the important lessons that he learned while running New York City’s public assistance programs.


5. Dad and the Diploma: The Difference Fathers Make for College Graduation: As college graduation season begins, Brad Wilcox shares research about one factor that can greatly affect a young person’s chances of educational success.

The practical, emotional, and financial sacrifices parents have made and will make for their children, and for their college education in particular, are enormously important. This brief focuses on one particular dimension of these parental investments: paternal involvement in high school.