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Friday Five: Education As a Means for Liberation

On Fridays we bring you the week’s best from around this web. This week’s collection includes a conversation with a U.S. Congressman, a personal and nuanced vision for education reform, and more.

From Education to Liberation: In this compelling and personal talk, educator and civil rights activist Howard Fuller explains the shortcomings of “school choice,” and describes how we can turn education into a process for real liberation.

Price Caps Leave Blizzard Riders Out in the Cold by Art Carden, Forbes

This just in: people still cannot repeal the laws of supply and demand. Ride-sharing companies are bowing to regulatory pressure to limit price increases during disasters. This means some people might be left out in the cold as price controls reduce the number of rides supplied and raise the number of rides demanded. In the name of “helping” people, governments are creating shortages.

Are Today’s Millennials a New Victorian Generation?by Michael Barone, Washington Examiner

I think what we are seeing is a mass changing of minds, something like the movement in Victorian England toward what historian Gertrude Himmelfarb described as “the morality that dignifies and civilizes human beings.”

Get Useless: Stewardship in the Economy of Wonder by Joseph Sunde, Acton Institute

When we consider the full realm of Christian stewardship, our minds immediately turn to areas like business, finance, ministry, the arts, education, and so on—the places where we “get things done.” But while each of these is indeed an important area of focus, for the Christian, stewardship also involves creating the space to stop and simply behold our God.

Common Good #9 – Congressman Adrian Smith”: On this episode of Values & Capitalism’s Common Good podcast, our guest is Congressman Adrian Smith (R-NE), who has represented Nebraska’s third district in the U.S. House of Representatives since 2007.