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Is There a Christian Way to Vote?

After nearly 20 months of campaigning, tomorrow is election day.

For most of us, the end of the 2016 election cycle has been long-awaited. To be honest, it seems like almost an afterthought to me, as I have been intentionally disengaged from the election for some time now. Yet despite being fatigued or disheartened, we know that politics still plays an important (even if limited) role in societal flourishing. We have a sense that it would be a mistake to disengage entirely. And we also know that the faith of a Christian believer ought to inform every aspect of one’s life. So how should it affect our approach to politics in this important time?

In a new Values & Capitalism video, Pete Wehner of the Ethics & Public Policy Center and Rev. Samuel Rodriguez of the National Hispanic Leadership Conference provide a fresh vision for Christian political engagement, urging Christians to advocate for the “Lamb’s agenda,” rather than the agenda of a particular political party. In doing so, Christians can provide a faithful witness in the political realm that reconciles justice and righteousness and isn’t co-opted by one political movement. Watch the full, 13-minute interview below:

In disheartening times, our tendency is to withdraw. But I would argue that we are called to do more than that. As you head to the election booth tomorrow, and in the months ahead, let us think and pray deeply about what faithful Christian presence in the political sphere should look like in the coming years.