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Summer Honors Program

AEI’s Summer Honors Program is an intensive, fully-funded educational and professional development opportunity in Washington, DC, for top undergraduate students. The program gathers students from diverse ideological backgrounds for substantive dialogue and debate about the most pressing issues facing the country and world. The core feature of the program is a series of discussion-based seminars that offer participants forums to delve deeply into policy areas of their choice. Outside of the seminars, students participate in policy briefings with distinguished guests, high-level networking opportunities, and site visits in Washington.

The program aims to provide students with a deeper understanding of contemporary public policy challenges, a greater appreciation for substantive dialogue across ideological divides, and the knowledge and networks to pursue a future career in the policy world.

During Summer 2021, sixteen total week-long courses will be offered. Six of these courses are offered through the Initiative on Faith & Public Life, and will integrate Christian faith, theology, and ethics into discussions about economics, public policy, and society. These courses include:


June 7-11
Christianity, National Identity, and America’s Role in the World
with Paul Miller, Georgetown University

Caring for the Poor in the Modern Public Square
with Brent Orrell, American Enterprise Institute


June 14-18
Are Markets Moral? In Search of a Humane Economy
with Mary Hirschfeld, Villanova University

May We Love Our Country? Political Loyalty and the Christian Faith
with Peter Meilaender, Houghton College


June 28 – July 2
From Liberation Education to Liberal Education
with Elizabeth Corey & David Corey, Baylor University

International Economic Development: Why Institutions Matter
with Stephen Smith, Hope College


All current undergraduates and recent grads (winter 2020 or later) are eligible to apply.

We are no longer accepting applications for this year’s program. Applications for the 2022 program will open in October 2021. Click the link below to learn more about the program and email [email protected] to be notified when applications are being accepted for next year’s program.