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The RJ Moeller Show: Daniel Hannan

Mark FreiburgerThis week’s episode of “The RJ Moeller Show” opens with a quick interview RJ conducted with a young Christian director by the name of Mark Freiburger. Mark talks about his career, the challenges for indie filmmakers, the opportunity to be a man of faith in a largely secular industry, and the recent announcement that the 30-second commercial he directed for Doritos is a finalist for their “Crash the Superbowl” competition (with the top prize taking home $1 million and the chance to work with Michael Bay on the next “Transformers” movie). Be sure to go watch Mark’s ad on Facebook and vote for the “Fashionista Daddy” ad. You can follow him on Twitter at @RealFreiburger. Daniel HannanOur second guest this week is none other than the great Daniel Hannan. Mr. Hannan, previously a journalist, is now a writer, blogger and member of the European Parliament in Brussels. He considers himself a “Radical Whig” and un-apologetically states that he “Loves Europe, just not the EU.” If you’ve seen him cable news or on any of his famous YouTube clips (usually from the floor of the EU), you already know that Daniel Hannan is one of the world’s leading defenders of liberty and economic freedom. You can read Daniel’s Daily Telegraph blog-posts here, and be sure to follow him on Twitter at @DanHannanMEP. In the final segment of today’s show, RJ chats with The Daily Caller’s media reporter, Jeff Poor. A graduate of Auburn, Jeff shares a little bit about his journey into a career in journalism and what it’s like living and working in D.C. as a young conservative. Do yourself a favor and follow Mr. Poor on Twitter at @jeff_poor. To enjoy this jam-packed episode of “The RJ Moeller Show,” you can either listen by playing on the application below, heading over to Stitcher.com, or downloading us (for free) on your iTunes.