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The RJ Moeller Show: David Limbaugh

On this very “Happy Fourth of July” episode of “The RJ Moeller Show,” we’re ecstatic to welcome author/lawyer/commentator David Limbaugh to AEI’s Values & Capitalism podcast! Mr. Limbaugh is one of the most prominent conservative voices on the Right, a best-selling author, and he just so happens to be the distinguished younger brother of another Limbaugh you may have heard of. He is a practicing lawyer, a nationally syndicated columnist, and proud son of Missouri. David’s newest book, “The Great Destroyer: Barack Obama’s War on the Republic,” sets its sights on the remainder of President Obama’s first term, making the case for how Obama’s policies have put us on a collision course with “financial ruin and international powerlessness.” David Limbaugh We asked David about the controversial title of the book, his opinion regarding the administration’s impact on the private sector, and what the Fourth of July means to him. Don’t forget to follow Mr. Limbaugh on Twitter at @davidlimbaugh! From there we welcome back a regular on show: Eric Teetsel, executive director of the Manhattan Declaration. We had Eric on to discuss the Supreme Court’s controversial ruling on Obamacare, to talk about some better ways for proponents of “cut taxes, cut spending” to articulate their vision, and to answer the age-old question: What’s the deal with soccer?  Follow our boy Teetsel on Twitter at @ericteetsel. And you can listen to this exciting episode in one of three ways: Stream it by clicking the play button on the application below, find us at Stitcher.com, or subscribe to “The RJ Moeller Show” for free on iTunes! Enjoy the show and Happy Fourth of July to you and yours!