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The RJ Moeller Show: Ezra Levant

Canadian publisher, journalist, political commentator and champion of free speech Ezra Levant is this week’s featured guest on the Values & Capitalism podcast. Ezra Levant Ezra is the founder and former publisher of the Western Standard, hosts The Source daily on Sun News Network and has written several books on politics. He is probably best known for the 3-year battle with the Canadian Human Rights Commission over his magazine’s publishing of the controversial “Muhammad cartoons” back in 2006. His latest book, The Enemy Within, is out now and deals with the story of a Canadian jihadist who killed a U.S. Army sergeant on the battlefield in Afghanistan. The Enemy Within by Ezra Levant R.J. chats with Mr. Levant about the state of conservatism north of the border, a Canadian’s view of the United States’ current economics woes, and what makes Mark Steyn so prolific! Find all things Levant-related at ezralevant.com, and follow our friend Ezra on Twitter at @ezralevant! In the second segment, R.J. welcomes MereOrthodoxy.com founder Matthew Anderson to the show for a in-depth discussion (alongside AEI’s Eric Teetsel) on Matt’s recent column for Relevant Magazine “Why I’m a Christian Republican.” Intriguing title, no? Listen to this new episode of The R.J. Moeller Show by either streaming it below, or subscribe to and download us on your iTunes!