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The RJ Moeller Show: Jedediah Bila and Adam Carolla

The first segment is a lively, entertaining interview with conservative columnist and commentator Jedediah Bila. Ms. Bila is a frequent contributor on Fox News Channel, writes for The Dailler Caller and Human Events, and has a fantastic new book out, Outnumbered:Chronicles of a Manhattan Conservative. Jedediah Bila
Back for his second appearance on The R.J. Moeller Show, is none other than the great Adam Carolla. Host of the most downloaded podcast in human history, author of a New York Times best-seller, and Renaissance man extraordinaire, Adam Carolla is-and I don’t care what those saps at Dos Equis may say-the most interesting man in the world. Adam Carolla My conversation with Adam covered an array of topics, including: why you shouldn’t care too much about sports, L.A.’s “sociopath” mayor, meatball hoagies, and Andrew Breitbart. An interesting tidbit about this interview: it was conducted face-to-face in Carolla’s own podcasting studio in Glendale, Calif., late last month.