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The RJ Moeller Show: Troy Senik

Our featured guest on this episode of The R.J. Moeller Show is Troy Senik, a former speechwriter for President George W. Bush. Troy is an editor at Ricochet.com, and prior to his tenure at the White House, he served as a writer for California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich. Troy Senik Troy is currently a senior fellow at the Center for Individual Freedom and a contributor at City Journal California and the Manhattan Institute’s Public Sector Inc. He is also the host of Ricochet’s “Law Talk” podcast with Richard Epstein and John Yoo, as well as the “Young Guns” podcast with Meghan Clyne, Diane Ellis and Keith Urbahn. He splits his time between Los Angeles and Nashville. Follow Troy on Twitter at @troysenik! R.J. also chats with Values & Capitalism program manager Eric Teetsel about a recent commentary from Chuck Colson on the “Should Republican politicians focus on ‘social issues’ and ‘family values’?” debate that seems to arise again every four years. Stream the show below or find the podcast on iTunes!