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Values & Capitalism on Campus: Colorado Christian University

On February 20-21, 2014, AEI scholar Christina Hoff Sommers, author of “Freedom Feminism,” visited Colorado Christian University with Tyler Castle, V&C’s program development associate.

On February 20th, Dr. Sommers spoke with over 120 students about “The War Against Boys.” She described how masculinity—even in its healthy, natural form—has come to be viewed as a bad thing. As a result, school has become a toxic environment for young boys, who continue to fall further behind girls in academic proficiency. For the sake of our nation’s future (especially since women too depend on the success of men, Sommers notes), she urges that we makes schools friendlier environments for boys. After the lecture, Sommers led a discussion over dinner with several professors and CCU honor students.

Also that day, Castle met with Christian Schlenker who co-leads CCU’s “Nil Sine Numine” initiative with the support of a V&C mini-grant. The project aims to promote an understanding of how faith and free enterprise are essential to the flourishing of individuals and communities. Along with a blog featuring frequent posts by CCU students, the initiative will host a conference later in the semester that features Wayne Grudem, Chris Horst, and others.

IMG_0280.JPGOn February 21st, Dr. Sommers spoke to more than 30 partners of the Centennial Institute (CCU’s think tank) about her conservative brand of feminism. She argued for common sense regarding this issue: demanding equality of the genders, while also acknowledging legitimate differences between men and women exist.

Finally, Dr. Sommers spoke with over 110 CCU professors and staff (and an additional 100 who watched via live broadcast) about “The War Against Boys.” Her talk was followed by a lively Q&A with the audience. Afterward, several members of the audience said Sommers’ remarks had been the most thought-provoking they had heard in years.