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Values & Capitalism on Campus: Covenant College

On March 18-19, 2013, our program manager and a staff member from the Kern Family Foundation visited Covenant College in Lookout Mountain, Ga. Highlights included:
  • a meeting about higher education and our free market system with the college’s new president, Dr. Derek Halvorson;
  • a public lecture with 76 students and other friends of the college, entitled “A Moral Case for Free Enterprise,” which included a response from a popular Covenant history professor, Dr. Richard Follett;
  • our student workshop on DC jobs and internships, hosted by the college’s Center for Calling and Career; and
  • meetings with student leaders, several faculty members, and senior leaders of the Chalmers Center for Economic Development.
Covenant While we were on campus, Professor of Economics Dr. Brian Fikkert served as a guest speaker with Values & Capitalism’s faculty network, describing his 16-year journey to Covenant, and his perceived “human deficiencies” in both the discipline of classical economics and much of the Christian church. You can hear his 20-minute story about his work with the Chalmers Center, as well as the conversation that ensues, here. Covenant College Our public lecture summarized recent insights about the free enterprise system—and some of the threats it faces today—from the writing of Arthur Brooks, Michael Novak and Nick Eberstadt. As a Covenant alumnus, our program manager Josh Good spoke candidly about his own work in recent years with TANF welfare agencies and firsthand observations of wasteful federal contracting practices. He challenged Covenant students to work creatively and in civil society settings, rather than standing by as our “social safety hammock” often perpetuates lifestyles that stand in stark contrast to the biblical admonitions toward human dignity, personal responsibility, work and God-given calling. Dr. Follett then offered a 600-year historical overview of how “free enterprise” has evolved as an independent-yet-always-interdependent institution, vis-à-vis the state. A lively conversation followed, and the college newspaper covered the evening in this story. Covenant While on campus, we also met with a former president of the college, Dr. Frank Brock; a Covenant entrepreneur who served on a recent AEI panel; Professor of Economics, Dr. Lance Wescher, who serves as a member of our advisory council; and a group of 10 students and three faculty members. Read a recap in Covenant’s student newspaper, The Bagpipe.