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Values & Capitalism on Campus: Wheaton College

Our program manager, Josh Good, recently traveled to Wheaton College, just outside of Chicago, IL. On January 28, he met with six Wheaton students who are members of the college’s entirely student-led Justice Coalition, and with the president of the College Republicans and College Democrats clubs.

Over dinner, Josh enjoyed engaging with these students—one of whom attended last summer’s Values & Capitalism conference—about issues of justice and poverty. That evening, Josh presented a lecture on the “Economic Consequences of Changing Family Structure,” drawing on former AEI scholar Nick Schulz’s book, “Home Economics.”  Thirty-four Wheaton students attended, and asked provocative questions.

Following the lecture, Wheaton hosted a public viewing of the State of the Union address. Following the President’s remarks, Josh joined Wheaton political science professor Amy Black and another professor in a panel discussion entitled “Debriefing the State of the Union.” Eighty-one Wheaton students joined this conversation.

On January 29, Josh met with Dr. Phil Ryken, president of Wheaton College, to discuss Values & Capitalism’s book series, as well as the mission and future impact of Wheaton’s Hastert Center for Economics, Government, and Public Policy.