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VIDEO: What NYC Can Teach Us About Poverty, Work & Welfare

The keynote address on the opening night of Values & Capitalism’s 2014 Summer Conference came from AEI’s Morgridge Fellow in Poverty Studies, Robert Doar.

Before coming to AEI, Doar was the commissioner of New York City’s Human Resources Administration, where he administered 12 public assistance programs for the largest local social services agency in the United States. During his time there, over 500,000 people transitioned from welfare to work. How was that possible? Should we avoid welfare at all costs or can it benefit the poor if it is structured well? From first-hand experience, Doar answers these questions and more in this address:

For further reading, check out “10 Welfare-Reform Lessons,” a National Review article by Doar. Also, listen to V&C’s recent Common Good podcast, on which Doar was a guest.