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Entrepreneurship for Human Flourishing

Entrepreneurship for Human Flourishing

By Chris Horst and Peter Greer

When it comes to helping the poor, conventional wisdom tells us that charity is the answer.

But that isn’t true. In “Entrepreneurship for Human Flourishing,” Chris Horst and Peter Greer of HOPE International argue that this commonly help view overlooks the real engine of true human flourishing: entrepreneurial businesses, which sustain productive development long after charitable giving dries up. Whatever their size or form, businesses play a central role in the fight against poverty.

Using compelling stories from contemporary entrepreneurs around the world, Horst and Greer show how the free enterprise system creates opportunities for individuals to lead productive, fulfilling lives that contribute to the flourishing of all.

Chris Horst is the vice president of development and Peter Greer is the president and CEO at HOPE International.


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