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Initiative on
Faith & Public Life

Equipping Christians to think deeply about faithful participation in contemporary public life.

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Our core audience is undergraduate students who are interested in exploring questions of politics, public policy, economics, business, and society in a way that is integrated with the convictions of their faith. Covering a variety of topics and taking

place throughout the year, our programs give students the opportunity to engage in serious, nonpartisan dialogue with experts and peers on pressing issues, and be prepared for their future careers and vocations. Featured programs are listed below.


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Since 2012, the Initiative on Faith & Public Life has built a community of leading Christian college professors who are interested in the intersection of faith, politics, economics, and society and share a commitment to equipping future leaders. There are currently over 300 professors in our network, representing institutions (both religious and secular) across the country and world.

Our Academic Network members form a real intellectual community of faculty who encourage and challenge each other. They also help our team recruit students, facilitate events on their campuses, and receive access to complimentary books and other resources, as well as occasional invitations to faculty-only seminars and conferences.



I used to be indecisive. Now I’m not so sure.

I used to be indecisive. Now I’m not so sure.

My early education taught me what to think. In high school, I learned how to think. In college, I learned not to think at all. Picture this: someone publishes an op-ed that makes you grind your teeth and create a sizzling jab ready to launch, because you must stand up...

Perseverance in Persecution: The Valentine Legacy

Perseverance in Persecution: The Valentine Legacy

Valentine’s story of protection, preservation, and faithfulness to the end should be a poignant reminder for modern Christians. Tolerance does not mean acceptance when it comes at the expense of Scripture and God’s clear commands. Refusing to accept social tyranny will have real consequences — the Christian should not be surprised at this. Finally, the actions of faithful Christians are not limited to their own community. In some cases, such as Valentine’s, they led to the birth of one the most formidable ideological forces in the Western world. This transformation wasn’t merely architected by grand figures in hubs of social power; sometimes, it was guided by a simple bishop in an evil empire who refused to bow to the forces of evil.

It’s Complicated Between the U.S. and Turkey

It’s Complicated Between the U.S. and Turkey

Not all allies can be long-term allies. Former years of unified strategy in the War Against Terror era are long gone. Approaching is Turkey’s decoupling from the West. Once considered a valuable ally to the U.S., Turkey no longer represents liberal democratic ideals...

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