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Bryan Knowles

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Bryan Knowles was selected as a 2020 Blog Contributor for the Faith & Public Life blog and is a senior at Bryan College where he is a double major in history and politics & government. He currently chairs the AEI Executive Council at Bryan, where he also participates in volunteer work and student government. After graduation, he plans to earn an MA in history with the hopes of someday teaching at the collegiate level.

The Stories We Tell Ourselves: An Optimistic View for Graduating During a Pandemic

I’m writing this from a local coffee shop in my hometown. Today is the first weekday they’ve been open for anything like normal hours in a number of weeks. I wanted to frequent this place during my last month of undergrad, but I have not had that luxury. I’ve had to...

The Constitutional Presidency

What makes a good president? With primary elections essentially over and November looming on the political horizon, this question is both too late and very timely. The same question was asked even before the creation of the executive office, and the answers proposed...

A Third Article on Impeachment

The recently concluded impeachment proceedings involving President Donald J. Trump have prompted many opinions and observations, some less valid or less accurate than others. Americans, and indeed all of humanity, display a continual willingness to believe that their...