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Grace Seyoum

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Grace Seyoum is currently a sophomore at Northwest University pursuing a double major in political science and English. She was selected as a 2020 Blog Contributor for the Faith & Public Life blog. Passionate about justice and advocacy, Grace intends to pursue a career in law. She gives back by mentoring underclassmen, teaching Sunday School, and participating in her school's debate team. In her free time, she enjoys reading obscure Russian novels, creating memes, and spending time with family.

Finding the Motivation to Learn

Although remote learning caused by COVID-19 has been lauded as more efficient and affordable than previous modes of instruction, and has potential to alleviate student debt in the future, one of the most common obstacles to success posed by online school is a lack of...

Obstacles to Justice in the Ethio-Egyptian Nile Dispute

The recent construction and filling of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) on the Blue Nile has erupted in disputes between Ethiopia and its downstream neighbor—Egypt. These dispute have led to everything from Tik Tok battles and malicious hacking to failed...

The Limits and Advantages of Systemic Racism Theory for Christian Thought

In the wake of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and the deaths of other black victims of police violence, discussions about racial justice have concerned tiers of racism — individual, institutional, and systemic. The philosophical underpinning of these terms makes...