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Kate Cvancara

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Katherine Cvancara was selected as a 2019 Blog Contributor for the Faith & Public Life blog and is a senior at George Fox University where she studies biology and political science and is in the William Penn Honors Program. Kate also performs as a violinist and works as a research assistant for Dr. Mark David Hall. Her most recent work on Acrodermatitis enteropathica was accepted for publication by clinical medicine journals, getting her a step closer to writing that one science fiction novel.

Recoding Choice: How Germline Gene Editing Impacts Conceptions of Freedom

We don’t really have a choice but to assume everyone else has the freedom of choice. Our justice system, our statutes, and our American Dream largely tell of the person who chose to respect or break the social contract and to succeed or fail. But from time immemorial,...

Emergency Powers for Climate Change

In case of a national emergency, the United States government must, in a quick and focused manner, react. Because an orderly response is most likely to come from one voice—the commander in chief—emergency powers fall into the lap of the president. But over the last...

Confucius and the Right of Resistance

From the Magna Carta to John Locke and Jean Jacques Rousseau, Western tradition is saturated with the idea that individuals have the right to resist tyrannical oppression. Our American heroes, history, and political attitudes make the challenging underdog a...