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R.J. Moeller graduated from Taylor University in 2005 with a degree in business and is currently a graduate student in the Masters of Divinity program at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. R.J. also works as the director of communications for conservative radio talk show host Dennis Prager and his “Prager University” project. R.J. is the writer, editor and procurer of his own website “A Voice in the Wilderness,” where he discusses the intersection of theology, culture and free market economics. He also produces the Values & Capitalism podcast, “The R.J. Moeller Show.” He has been published in World Magazine, and contributes to The Acton Institute, Ricochet.com and Acculaturated. R.J. loves to fish, play tennis, eat Chipotle, be disappointed by the Cubs and hang with his rottweiler, Rudy. He lists among his most important intellectual and spiritual influences: G.K. Chesterton, Thomas Sowell, Dennis Prager, Francis Schaeffer and Fyodor Dostoevsky.” You can find RJ on Facebook and follow him on Twitter at @rjmoeller.

Obama’s WWJD Moment: Would Jesus Tax the Rich?

President Barack Obama spoke at this year’s National Prayer Breakfast in Washington D.C., this week and our Commander-in-Chief had some interesting things to say about what exactly a Judeo-Christian, biblical worldview of economics looks like. From Jake Tapper at ABC...

Authorities, Submission and “We The People” (Part 1)

I hope that it is clear from (and in) my on-going “Bible & Economics” series that my entire goal is to articulate how I—a young evangelical who takes his faith and duty as a citizen of a free nation—arrived at being entirely comfortable calling myself a...