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Friday Five: What Prevents the Poor From Reaching the Middle Class?

On Fridays we bring you the week’s best from around the web. This week’s collection covers entrepreneurship, various facets of poverty, “Christian” movies, and more.

1. The Answer to Poverty: Different Than You Might Think… If you want to help the poor, you should donate to a charity or go work for a non-profit, right? Maybe not. In “Entrepreneurship for Human Flourishing” Chris Horst and Peter Greer explain why.

2. What Rockers Can Teach Entrepreneurs by Ruth Blatt, Forbes

Rock stars may not be eager for us to see them as business people. They want us to see them as loose and intuitive. But if we look beyond the myth at the work that goes into their success, we can learn valuable lessons for how to start and grow all kinds of successful businesses.

3. Millennials Don’t Want Any More “Christian” Movies by Elise Amyx, Institute for Faith, Work & Economics

Millennial Christians today don’t want movies that are so obviously Christian-agenda driven at the expense of depth and artistic appeal. They want the Christian community to create movies that confront reality. They want movies that speak to the human soul. They just want good movies.

4. Are You Living in a Community or a Network? by Brian Brown, Humane Pursuits

“In our modern age, intimate, face-to-face communities are hard to come by; while exceptions exist, networks have almost completely taken over how Americans socially organize themselves.”

5. What Prevents the Poor From Reaching the Middle Class? In an AEI Vision Talk, Bloomberg View Columnist Megan McArdle describes the critical relationship between social and financial capital in low-income communities.