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Catherine Corbin

My involvement with AEI’s Initiative on Faith & Public Life has restored in me hope for the future of America. It is easy to champion the free exchange of ideas in principle; however, it is far more difficult to foster an environment of civil, charitable disagreement for those from all walks of life. AEI strikingly and skillfully fulfills that mission.

Mitch Baron

The Initiative on Faith & Public Life has given me a foothold in discerning my career as I seek to integrate faith and work in a cohesive way. Through its various programs, it has supported me throughout my personal and professional growth as an undergraduate.

Abigail Chen

Some of the most challenging and stimulating conversations with my peers have been sparked by panels, book studies, and leadership summits hosted through the Initiative on Faith & Public Life. The Initiative has not only enhanced my academic and professional experience, but has also inspired me to engage policy ideas in a principled way.