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Friday Five: The RJ Moeller Show, Summer Institute, and the Millennial Era

On Fridays, we bring you the best of our blog and the best of the web. This week’s roundup includes a terrific podcast with Hugh Hewitt and Mary Katharine Ham, a video highlighting AEI’s 2012 Summer Institute, and the events that shaped the millennial generation. 1. The RJ Moeller Show: Hugh Hewitt and Mary Katharine Ham: This week RJ talks with radio host Hugh Hewitt and Mary Katharine Ham of HotAir.com and Townhall.
2. International Students for Liberty Conference: Students for Liberty has announced the 2013 dates for the ISFLC conference. Check out the location and confirmed speakers for the February 15-17 conference.
The International SFL Conference is the premiere event of the year for students dedicated to liberty and advancing freedom on campus. The world’s largest crowd of pro-liberty students will gather for a weekend of learning about liberty from contemporary leaders in liberty, discussing best practices for promoting liberty on campus, getting more involved in the larger movement for liberty, and enjoying a massive celebration of freedom!
3. AEI Summer Institute 2012: In this video, students discuss their experience with AEI’s Summer Institute, a monthlong, fully funded opportunity to learn along with AEI scholars. 4. Earned Success in the Free(lance) Market: Nicholas Freiling writes on lessons he’s learned from freelance writing—lessons on the fairness of free markets and on earning your own success.
Success is earned in the free market, not granted arbitrarily. Unfortunately, many seem to forget this fact and choose instead to blame the free market for economic inequality. Capitalism, they argue, leaves the masses in the dust of the super-rich and powerful. But in the course of their accusations, they wage war on the notion of earned success. They take for granted the idea of merit-based reward, and overthrow the principle undergirding their belief that good work deserves good reward.

5. The events that have shaped the millennial era: In 2008, millennial voters comprised 18% of the electorate. Here’s a look at events that may have shaped their vote.