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The RJ Moeller Show: Al Mohler

Dr. Albert Mohler is the president of Southern Theological Seminary in Louisville, Ky., and one of the most influential Christian public thinkers alive today. Albert Mohler In addition to his presidential duties, Dr. Mohler hosts two programs: “The Briefing,” a daily analysis of news and events from a Christian worldview; and “Thinking in Public,” a series of conversations with the day’s leading thinkers. He also writes a popular blog and a regular commentary on moral, cultural and theological issues. All of this and more can be found over at AlbertMohler.com. R.J. and Dr. Mohler chat about growing up in small-town Florida, the shift to the left on Christian college campuses when it comes to matters of economics, and the optimism that Ronald Reagan injected back into our society in 1980. But that’s not all for this episode of The R.J. Moeller Show! In the second segment, friend-of-the-show and leading man in the newly released film October Baby, actor Jason Burkey stops by to discuss the movie and some of the very important issues that it raises. October Baby was just released nation-wide in theaters and we encourage you to visit OctoberBaby.Net to find local showtimes in your area! Also, you can follow Jason on Twitter at @jgburkey. Enjoy this jam-packed episode by either streaming it live below, or subscribing and downloading (for free) The RJ Moeller Show on iTunes!