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The RJ Moeller Show: Claire Berlinski

If you want to know about the life and legacy of Margaret Thatcher, if you want to know about life in Istanbul, if you want to be endlessly entertained by a keen mind and sharp wit, then you book Claire Berlinski for your podcast. Claire Berlinski The R.J. Moeller Show was lucky enough to land an interview with the international woman of mystery for this, the latest episode of the V&C podcast. Ms. Berlinski is a journalist, novelist, author, editor at both City Journal and Ricochet.com, and all-around fascinating personality. Her 2008 book, There Is No Alternative: Why Margaret Thatcher Matters, is now out in paperback and the bulk of our lively conversation with Claire focuses on this excellent treatment of the life and times of “The Iron Lady.” You can follow Claire on Twitter and find her on Facebook. For the full transcripts of the interviews she conducted with the people who knew Mrs. Thatcher best (for Kindle users only), click right here! In the second segment, R.J. catches up with Values & Capitalism contributor Joseph Sunde. The two talk about the volatility of the job market in a free-market economy—something Joseph experienced first-hand recently—and then spend some time parsing Mark Steyn’s recent column “Even Christians Taking Christ Out of Christmas.” Mr. Sunde runs his own website, RemnantCulture.com, and you can follow him on Twitter (@josephsunde)! Stream the episode below, or do yourself a favor and subscribe (for free) to The R.J. Moeller Show on your iTunes!