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The RJ Moeller Show: Diane Ellis

This week The R.J. Moeller Show welcomed the lead editor of Ricochet.com, Diane Ellis. Before manning the editorial helm at Ricochet, Diane spent time at Stanford University’s Hoover Institution. She was associate producer of RJ’s favorite web-show Uncommon Knowledge.

Diane Ellis

Topics covered in the interview include: Russian literature in the 20th century, Peter Robinson’s task-master leadership style (or how he’s the nicest man alive), Obamacare’s skin-deep promises already giving way to reality, and Mexican cuisine.

R.J. and Matt also had the chance to chat with friend-of-the-show Eric Teestsel, program manager of the Values and Capitalism project at American Enterprise Institute. They discussed Obama’s recent speech to union workers in Detroit and Eric gave us his Super Bowl picks for the new NFL season. 

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